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Contact Marisol R. Feliciano 860-794-5783

R & R Food For All South-End Community Pantry 413-252-4258

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Your Life Will Get Better Soon

Life is not the same for everyone. Some are born with a silver spoon in mouth, while others are born less fortunate. Whatever the situation you are in, know that RIVERA & RIVERA ACT AGAINST FORECLOSURE INC. is here to support you. We offer community assistance and services to those in need, including at-risk youth, homeless population, immigrant/refugee population, low moderate Income and more.

We also provide educational workshops, a mentoring program without any charge. Remember, you’re not alone in your battle. We’ll be by your side until everything gets better. Reach out to us to learn more about what we have in store for you. We serve people in and around Springfield, Massachusetts. We hope to meet you soon!

About Our Nonprofit Organization

RIVERA & RIVERA ACT AGAINST FORECLOSURE INC. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, tax-exempt organization  IEN # 45-2459884  established in June 2011. We assist the community by providing various programs to avoid foreclosure, housing stability, food insecurity, and utility pay.

We also offer educational workshops and mentoring programs to address violence associated with bullying. These include School H.U.G.S. Bullying Prevention Program. It focuses on positive student and youth development. We use a holistic approach to provide disengaged students and the youth with the best possible programs.

Our organization helps the youth make a positive difference. We do this by bringing them in a safe environment and letting them know that they are important. The programs we provide aim to help them make informed decisions and be prepared to make a commitment to themselves and to their future.

We are here to help you get stronger! Together, we can offer the tools for individuals to respond effectively.

Our Humble Beginnings

On June 1, 2011, a strong, large, and long-lived tornado left a swath of devastation from Hampden County to Worcester County in Western Massachusetts. The tornado proved to be unusually persistent. It remained on the ground for 1 hour and 10 minutes along 39-miles or 63-kilometer long path. This tornado is the second longest on record in Massachusetts.

The damage path reached a width of 0.5 miles (0.80 km). The city of Springfield was devastated by the said tornado. The southern portion of the Springfield Metropolitan Area, from Westfield to Charlton, was not spared. Because of the massive devastation brought by the tornado, compassionate individuals and businesses offer help. These include RIVERA & RIVERA ACT AGAINST FORECLOSURE INC.

Our outreach services served hot home-cooked meals to victims of the tornado disaster. We served more than 740 individuals. We also gave clothing donations to the Prospect House Shelter for Children and Their Families. In addition, we had referrals for food, housing, substance abuse, and health (including HIV/AIDS) awareness.

Our newly formed program, Youth Outreach to the Elderly, comprises of monthly visits to selected nursing homes, distributing handmade paper mache flowers that display inspirational messages. 

We held successful anti-bullying rallies on February 12, 2012 and May 26, 2012 at the Court Square in Springfield, Massachusetts. These rallies targeted the concerns and safety of children.

RIVERA & RIVERA ACT AGAINST FORECLOSURE INC. will be ready as a first responder when another disaster (such as an earthquake, hurricane, or tornado) is experienced. Our outreach services will continue to operate through the funding we receive from various donations.

In a calmer atmosphere, RIVERA & RIVERA ACT AGAINST FORECLOSURE INC. will be involved in other charitable, humanitarian, and educational opportunities. Dysfunctional families are everywhere. They are waiting for someone to care for them and lend a helping hand. We are committed to be there and make a difference in many of these families.

The main thrust of our activity has been tornado-related. Many non-perishable goods were received to assist those with disaster-related needs. We have provided them to individuals, and no individual was turned away. We think we worked well in getting the help to the grass roots. Many individuals had no other place to go for food, water, and other basic supplies.

Referral Services

  • Food/ open pantry emergency
  • Clothing emergency referrals
  • Housing assistance
  • Substance Abuse Program
  • Foreclosure assistance
  • Secondary Post Education Development

Essential Programs to Address Needs in Four Principal Areas

  • Food Security
  • Housing Stability
  • Health (HIV/AIDS)/ health/Stop Swab & Go Covid-19 clinic
  • Emergency Humanitarian Assistance
  • Citizenship, residency, immigrant friendly/resources 

Our Dedicated Staff 

Marisol R. Feliciano

  • Director of the School H.U.G.S. Bullying Prevention Program
  • Director of the W.S.T.B.B (Women Striving To Be Brave) DV Program
  • Author of the Book, "Finally Sober and Clean,” (Published in 2010)

    Marisol, envisions the School H.U.G.S. Bullying Prevention Program to become a nationally recognized program in the near future.

    We’ll Share More About Our CEO Soon

Luis  M. Castro

  • Executive Director of the School H.U.G.S. Bulling Prevention Program

    Luis graduated from Dean High School in 2013. He was currently attending classes at Holyoke Community College, majoring on communication and psychology. Luis is passionate about working with the youth and inspiring them to be who they can become.

Paris Ortiz

  •   VISTA 
  • Program Coordinator of the School H.U.G.S. Bullying Prevention Program                              
  • Mentoring Instructor of the School H.U.G.S. Mentoring Program.

Paris is a graduate from Westfield State University with a bachelor’s degree in business management. Currently, she is working on her master’s degree in leadership at Springfield College Department of School and Human Services. Paris envisions to continue serving her community. She   is determined to address bullying.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

                                                                                                                Board of Directors

  • Keith Peters                            Springfield Resident       Black African American
  • Robert Willoughby                 Springfield Resident       Black African American   
  • Michelle Eddington                Springfield Resident      Spanish/Black
  • Luis M. Castro                        Springfield Resident       Cuban  
  • Paula R. Rivera                       Springfield Resident       Hispanic/Latina
  • Joanna Vega-Mata                Springfield Resident       Hispanic/Latina
  • Felix Cordero                          Springfield Resident       White Caucasian
  • Marisol R. Feliciano              Springfield Resident        White Caucasian

Our Inspiration

Marisol  R. Feliciano, the CEO, decided to help her community to deal with the aftermath of the 2011 tornadoes in Massachusetts. She spearheaded initiatives to provide food and other basic needs to those who were greatly affected. Communities were faced with a rampant issue on foreclosures, bullying, and suicide. She saw a lot of issues in the communities near her, and She wanted to find ways to help.

She is passionate and believe in change. Marisol desires to help people get a better chance in life. This is the reason she established RIVERA & RIVERA ACT AGAINST FORECLOSURE INC.

Our Mission Is Community Assistance and Services

RIVERA & RIVERA ACT AGAINST FORECLOSURE INC. strives to use the power of collaboration with progressive grassroots organizations, churches, and human service agencies. We will connect with vast resources to assist people in local communities who are in need. We will also enable people to help themselves. Our organization is divided into three programs:

First Program

This program is for those who deals with victims of foreclosure, including tenants. We also provide help to homeowners through other resources. We provide funds for foreclosed tenants if needed. These include first, last, and security deposit if available.

If not, they will be place on a waiting list on a first-come-first-serve basis. We also assist the community impacted by any type of natural disaster. They are provided with assistance and may become priority depending on their situation.

Second Program

This program is based on helping the community in any way possible, whether is by promoting an advocating, accompanying a client to an appointment, interpreting, donating clothing, assisting with a referral, or helping clients with getting birth certificate, citizenship, residency, green card

We provide apartment listing and help schedule an appointment to see an apartment. We also give all types of information: educational, mental health, apartments, lawyers, etc.

Third Program (Natural Disaster Program)

We raise funds to help our community during a disastrous situation, such as the tornado disaster on June 1, 2011. We also donate 25% of what we raise to the American Red Cross to help with other situations happening across the U.S with our new initiative R & R food for all south-end community food Pantry we help address food insecurity 

Women Striving To Be Brave (WSTBB

WAIP Women After Incarceration Program

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